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The Full Story



Thank you for coming with me on the adventure of this life learning journey. 


A little about my history.  I was always a sickly child.  This continued into my adult life.  As I was trying to understand why illness seemed to be my lot in life I was given different experiences to show me.  Things were said to me here and there.  Once I started bringing children into the world my education stepped up.


My first child was active.  From time to time he would manifest signs of hyperactivity.  But, this was infrequent.  What was the cause?  I realized that it came when he ate certain foods.  Next, I added a girl.  She loved to eat but seemed to have a reaction to so many things.  This is when I began learning more about food. 

With my son the solution was easy.  Eliminate those things from his diet.  With my daughter it was much more involved.  By the time she was two years old she had 18 things that she couldn't eat.  The question became how do I feed her so that she is healthy? 

The answer to this question has taken me down different paths.  Over the years I have been able to share with others what I have learned as they have come to me for help.  Now, I have been given foot zoning.  

Foot zoning includes everything I have learned over the years and increases my understanding.  This is also a way for me to give back to the world as an expression of gratitude for what I have been given.  My children are now healthy and happy adults who are able to live life as fully as they desire to.

Good health is an attainable reality.  The question is: how much consistent effort are we willing to put into it?

For me it has been worth every effort.

Foot Zoning is an alternative health modality.  This means that you are willing to be responsible for your own health.  It is possible for health care professionals and alternative health practioners to work together under your direction.  This way you will find health, well-being, happiness and fulfillment in life.  It is all up to each individual.

I invite you to come travel life's journey with me.  Together we will learn and become.

I am grateful for your willingness to be patient as I work to put together what I have learned over the years and then add what I am currently learning.

My purpose in foot zoning and creating this website is to:

Gain a greater understanding of my own health and how to improve it.

Have a side benefit of helping others to learn about and improve their own health if that is what they desire.

To increase understanding of what foot zoning is.

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