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What is Foot Zoning?

In short it is a relaxing foot massage with healthy side benefits.


During a foot zone you will recline in a comfortable chair.  Your feet will be up so that the Zonist is able to see what he or she is doing.


While the client is reclined the Zonist will be strategically applying pressure to various points on the top and bottom of your feet.  Our nerves end in our hands and in our feet.  By applying strategic pressure then the systems in your body are given the signal to perform a self-evaluation and begin performing optimally.


This creates an internal environment which allows and encourages your body to relax, make the necessary repairs or adjustments and then you are able to have more energy for your life.


Will it hurt?  There should not be any pain associated with the pressure that the zonist applies to your foot.  Let the zonist know if they are causing you discomfort.  However, it is quite common for there to be tenderness as an area is worked.  That is ok.  It is simply your body telling you that it is unhappy in that area.  Now, the zonist will be able to help you give your body the attention it Is crying out for.


Disclaimer:  A foot zone is not a replacement for advice from a licensed medical professional.  A foot zone is to help your body work more efficiently.  Ultimately, you are the one who is responsible for your own health.  A Foot Zonist is here to support your efforts in being healthy.

Some Possible Benefits of a Foot Zone

Increased Energy Level

Improved Alertness

Increased Circulation

Improved Digestive Function & Health

Improved Uptake of Nutrients

Improved Removal of Cellular Waste

Improved Lymphatic Circulation & Drainage

 A Stronger Immune System

Faster and Better Recovery from Illness & Injury

Decreased Inflammation

Decreased Chronic Pain

Improved Mobility of Joints

Improved Muscle Function

Increased Ability to Deal with Stress

Let me know what improvement you would like to see as a result of a foot zone!

For Fun:

Why is there Jasmine at the top of the page?

I realized that the initials of Redone Inside And Out are RIO.  I believe that God is always sending us messages of love.  So, I looked up the meaning of RIO.  

Rio means river in Spanish and other languages.  God is our life giving water.

Rio means Jasmine and Center in Japanese and other languages.

Jasmine means Gift From God.  I have received many gifts from God in my life.  The opportunity to foot zone is one of them.

Center is easy.  My daily quest is to have God at my center at all times.

What is a time when you have recognized a love message from God?  Feel free to share with me if you feel it appropriate.

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